Our Raja Yoga courses which include training and workshops are offered free of charge for communities, staff and groups of individuals.

Meditation, a basic introduction to meditation can be given in a one hour session. A full course covering the meditation and philosophy taught by the Brahma Kumaris would take five one hour sessions.

Positive Thinking is an easy to understand course that provides participants with practical tools to process negative emotions and develop positive responses to challenges and problems. Participants generally also become more motivated, happier and more productive. Positive thinking also helps the participants to transform negative patterns of thought that often influence the quality of our relationships with others.

Self-Esteem helps participants understand their current level of self esteem and provide tools for them to increase their self esteem and self motivation. As their self esteem increases this automatically reduces feelings of ‘self hate’ and ‘self torture’ people with addictions often experience.

Relaxation Techniques are simple techniques to help to participants relax and gain control of their thoughts.

Self Mastery enables participants to establish a positive vision and goals for their future, along with also identifying barriers they may face and developing an action plan to overcome them.

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